Sunday, November 7, 2010

#55: Alexander's Grill

This restaurant is popular among Notre Dame students for its late night hours and cheap prices.  Nothing beckons more than dollar beer, and a five dollar gyro platter special.  Whether it's the most authentic Greek food in town, as their website claims, is open to debate -- my week in Greece taught me that Greek salad does not have lettuce in it and that feta should be eaten in card deck-sized blocks -- but they do have the most authentic Greek sense of hospitality I've seen since Yia Yia Kaltsas gave me a pound of food as an afternoon snack.  The owner, Ari, is one of the most outgoing people I've ever met, and he'll sit down in the booth with you to chat.  I've taken several pictures with him at his request.  His joy from this restaurant is contagious. 

This is a great place to go in big groups, and they're happy (overjoyed, sometimes) to accommodate everyone.  While the gyros are the most popular, their menu is quite large. Don't miss the appetizers -- lots of good dips and the staple for every good Greek restaurant, flaming cheese. 

Where: 1841 South Bend Ave.  (across from Studebagels)
When to go: They're open seven days a week and until 4 am (!) on Friday and Saturday.
Tip: Mention if you're a ND/SMC/HC student/staff/faculty member, and you'll get 15% off the bill.

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