Monday, November 22, 2010

#68: Opening Day for the Holiday Stores

The holiday shopping season has descended upon us quite suddenly, much like the permacloud that covers the skies at this time of year.  Perhaps the two are dueling forces, as if twinkling icicle lights and beady-eyed reindeer could somehow combat the oppressive darkness that descends at 5pm here.  Every time I look at the window as I'm leaving work, I'm shocked by how dark it is already.  Not fair, mother nature.

Lucky for me, tonight, a new store is bringing light to South Bend (literally and figuratively).

A Homestead Shoppe (Lighting and Lampshades) opens up in downtown South Bend, and is providing wine and cheese in proper holiday cheer.  This store is one of fives temporary shops that will be open in downtown South Bend for the holiday season.  Also joining are Imagine That! toy store; Party, Work & Play, clothing/shoe store; Heritage Arts & Crafts, featuring local arts; and the Michiana African American Chamber of Commerce and Friends Holiday Market.  It's great to have more tenants downtown, and the city's "Pop Up Shop" program--these stores have free rent until New Year's!--really shows an innovative way to bring more of the seasonal spirit of consumerism to the downtown area, because really, their presence is a gift. Heh heh.

So leave the house and come downtown for A Homestead Shoppe's open house.  It's retail therapy that also combats Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Now that's what I call happy hour.

Where: 123 S. Michigan (near Spark)
When: Open house starting 5:00pm-9:00pm

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