Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#58: Main Street Cafe

Barely 3 months old, Main Street Cafe has already taken downtown South Bend by storm. I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many coffee-shops/cafes in one area, but Main Street also offers several features that other coffee-shops around the area don't. First, they're open until 10:00pm on weekdays. Let me repeat that, they're open until 10:00pm, making this the perfect place to read, study, and relax in the heart of downtown post-business hours.

But the list of awesome continues. I was in the cafe recently and overheard a staff member mention to a customer that they had won the recent chili cook-off between the restaurants of Downtown South Bend. So there you go, for a second reason, they apparently have the best chili in the city. Third, free Wi-Fi. Fourth, their dessert case. You have to see it to believe it. I could go on, but I would rather you just visit and try it out for yourself.

102 North Main Street

Mon-Thur- 7am-10pm
Fri-Sat- 7am-11pm
Sun- closed

Fun Fact: Main Street can partially lay claim to the birth of this blog. A late night here as well as several at Lula's was responsible for the initial design, conception and launch of 365 South Bend.


  1. We shared this on our Main Street Coffee House facebook wall . Thanks a lot!

  2. I second your review. I'm a regular at their Nappanee location, my favorite place in the world to write.

    It feels like the theme song from's wonderful to go "where everyone knows your name."

    Two mugs up!

  3. I work in the same building upstairs (JMS) so I am in here often, at least for coffee. Usually I can't resist getting a little treat too, the peanut butter bars are to die for - yesterday they also had homemade oatmeal chocolate chip granola bars (honestly was closer to a no-bake cookie! Yum) They know me by name! Great sandwiches, if a little overpriced. And the white chicken chili truly is amazing. I asked about it once, turns out ALL of their soups are totally homemade, they're all great.

    I believe the Chocolate Cafe a block away is also open until 10pm during the week, at least they used to be...

  4. They won with their signature White Chicken Chili, a soup that the feature on their menu daily.

  5. Everyone, thank you so much for the comments! If you have suggestions about places in South Bend you would like to see featured, just let us know.

    Main Street, thank you so much for featuring us on your Facebook profile!