Sunday, November 21, 2010

#66: New Music Ensemble

Think that classical music only consists of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven? That it's, well, boring? Well, think again. Indiana University South Bend's 'New Music Ensemble' is committed to in their own words: promoting new music, performing the most current music, and allowing IUSB students to "experiment" and create new music.  That all sounds pretty much the opposite of boring to me.

The ensemble, led by Jorge Muniz is performing today at 4:00pm at the Campus Auditorium at IUSB. One of the items in the line-up for today's show includes a ballet piano piece for four hands. For those of us who are musically illiterate, that apparently means that two people play the piano at one time. I'd personally go to see that alone. If you're interested in what this type of 20th and 21st century music and performance is all about, go half an hour early for the pre-performance lecture with the performers at 3:30.

When: 4:00pm (or 3:30pm)
Where: Campus Auditorium, IUSB. Link to map and more info here.
Tickets: Adults, $7 order ahead, $9 at the door. Students and children are FREE.

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