Friday, November 19, 2010

#65: First Annual Holiday Walk

Just can't wait until Black Friday to begin your Christmas shopping?  Generally detest the violent showing of greed and consumerism that day involves?  Need to buy some late birthday gifts to give to your family at Thanksgiving?  Or have a Saturday free to spend depleting your checking account?

Regardless of your motivation, this weekend is a great time to welcome the holiday spirit back into your life.  Tomorrow, four shops on the 700 block of East Jefferson will display their holiday goods for the first time this season, proving that block parties are not just for summertime.

Here's the run down
First Annual Holiday Walk
Location: 700 block of East Jefferson
Date: November 20th
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Participating shops: Marigolds, Just Goods, Buttons & Bows, and Beehive Salon
Apparently, there will also be refreshments and in-store specials.  I'm crossing my fingers for peppermint hot cocoa.

We, three bloggers, are especially excited for tomorrow, because the event features two of our favorite local shops: Marigold's and Just Goods, and it'll be great to check out Buttons & Bows and the Beehive Salon as well.

Yeaaa, I know what you might be thinking... I, too, hate the fanatical rush to begin the Christmas season.  Holiday shopping before Thanksgiving can make me feel a little overly capitalistic.  It makes me worry that I'll get into the consuming of the holidays rather than the giving.  Yet, there is something special about buying that first gift for your mom or someone else special.  (For some reason, it makes me think of the scene from "The Polar Express" - the book, not the movie - when Santa gives the sleigh bell to the kid and declares "THE FIRST GIFT OF CHRISTMAS!"  which, mind you, is a very sacred scene  in my litany of childhood Christmas memories.)  

There's another heart-warming idea at work here.  It's not simply about the browsing, buying, and gift wrapping.  It's about that small business community that has developed on the 700 block of East Jefferson, bringing friends and patrons together to kick off the season of peace on Earth and goodwill towards (wo)men.  Mmmm, let the warm and fuzzy holiday season begin.

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