Friday, November 12, 2010

#59: The Rolling Stonebaker

Across the States, the latest foodie craze has revolved around food trucks and stands.  While the idea of a portable restaurant is nothing new, the offerings have increased in complexity from the classic hot dog or ice cream stand.
Photo by Andrea Georgian, one of the authors of this ingenious idea!

Today, South Bend brings you its particular twist on this trend: the Rolling Stonebaker, a retooled Studebaker fire truck offering wood-fired pizza.  It's stopping by the Studebaker Museum (naturally) today to sell their creative pizza offerings.  Their unusual ingredients are a breath of fresh air from the classic pizzas you'll find in South Bend joints.  (As a transplant from Virginia, I think 'The Purple Pig' looks especially appetizing-- it's good to see BBQ and slaw together again.) 

Jim and Andrea, the couple behind this idea, found the truck for sale on Craigslist and thought they'd use their culinary skills to bring warm cheesy goodness to the Midwest masses.  Since July 31st, the truck has travelled around to different farmer's markets and events in the Michiana area, but catch it here in South Bend in the very place owner Jim Chaddock did research on what the truck should look like.  This pizza-vending truck is one helluva brainchild.

Where: The Studebaker National Museum, 201 Chapin St.
When: 10am - 5pm


  1. What? This is great! I just moved from Portland and cry myself to sleep every night from missing the food cart scene there.

  2. Nooo... I read this post a day too late. They were at the Studebaker, like 14 paces from my house, and now they will not be open again until April or May! (I contacted them to ask.) Curses!