Saturday, January 8, 2011

#100: Enjoy the snow

For those who have responsibilities that make transportation a necessity, our best wishes are with you, and please be safe.

Healthworks may have been open or not.
If you are lucky enough to have some free time (and some hot cocoa or tea waiting inside) go out and enjoy the huge snowfall. Channel your inner child and build a snowman, or just take a walk around the neighborhood to marvel at the largest one day snowfall that South Bend has ever seen. Pay it forward by shoveling off a neighbor's sidewalk or car; give the man standing in the doorway some money to buy himself a hot meal.

If you're feeling a little cooped after even after your explorations outside, these are a few restaurants/bars that are open today--and this list is nowhere near comprehensive, just a few places that had their lights on when I was walking around--

The View
Saigon Market
Madison Oyster Bar

the view of The View
To those looking for coffee downtown, good luck--Main Street, Chicory Cafe, even the South Bend Chocolate Company are all closed today.

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