Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#102: The "Race to Nowhere" screening at the Stanley Clark School

The "Race to Nowhere" is a documentary film highlighting the "achievement culture" in America. It was made independently by a parent who began to realize the stress that today's educational environment was having on her 12-year-old. The resulting film has been screening in small venues, like this one in South Bend, across the country. It has been compared to the hit documentary "Waiting for Superman" which profiles the dramatic achievement gap in American schools. This film is slightly different, but it too critically examines the purpose of education today.

In the introduction to the film on the Stanley Clark School's website, it states that the film "is a call to mobilize families, educators, and policy-makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing, and leading citizens." I am, myself, still in school and so the information for this event particularly interested me. Yet, after reading more about it, I realized that this film, as they state, could be useful, not for just students themselves, but for anyone in the South Bend community who is interested in education. And wouldn't that be all of us?

Where: The Stanley Clark School (Raclin Activities Center), 3123 Miami Street
When: 6:30pm, today

To pre-order the $10 tickets, go here.
For profile of the film featured in the New York Times, click here.


  1. This film is very thought provoking. After viewing it, I wanted the opportunity to hear what others had to say. We need to have these conversations in order to make sure we are al on the same page regarding the purpose of our schools. Our youth are getting many mixed messages. Seems like a perfect topic for a community forum.

  2. This was a great film! It really challenged me to look at how we do things at home. I would love to see a second screening of this in our area because I can think of so many other friends and family who should see it.