Friday, January 21, 2011

#111: 'Earth Friendly Eating' at the St. Joe Library

It struck me, as I was about to write this, that this week we have already published one post having to do with the St. Joe County Public Library. Well apparently they're so great, we're going to go for two. All joking aside, tomorrow's event "Earth Friendly Eating", now in its fourth year, promises to be an event that the community should not miss.

It might be hard, in the middle of the South Bend winter (we love it, we really do!), to imagine planting, growing and harvesting food, but that's just what this event is asking us to do. Several keynote speakers will address the importance of community gardening and the sustainable food movement so that community members and neighborhoods can be prepared for the long-awaited but inevitable Spring. After the keynote speakers, those in attendance will be able to join breakout sessions to create their own food action plan for their family or community. Other community groups, already active in South Bend's sustainability movement, will also be on hand.

It's a unique opportunity not only because of its important subject but because of its proactivity. We might not be able to grow things now (it is 6 degrees outside as I write this), but we will soon, so show your commitment to both South Bend and the environment by coming out tomorrow.

Where: St. Joe Public Library, Humphrey's Multimedia Room
When: 11:00am, tomorrow

For more information visit their website here.

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