Monday, January 3, 2011

#96: Metro Run and Walk

With the start of a new year, two truths are often brought to light: 1) I ate a LOT over the holidays, and 2) I should make this year better than the last.  Together, these personal epiphanies produce the motivation to make the New Year's resolution to exercise [more].

Well, check in with such a goal-setter several months/weeks/days later, and you'll encounter a red face and several excuses more often than a chiseled six-pack and a heart rate to rival Lance Armstrong's.  If only there was a place for the exercise-minded, where just by going there, your motivation is renewed and you encounter a community supportive of all athletic abilities.

My friends in fitness: trek over to Metro Run and Walk on Grape Road.

They stock workout apparel, shoes, and gear.  Good shoes are essential--I cannot stress this enough--to keep a fitness regime.  You will avoid much pain and injury if you invest in a pair of shoes that match your body type, and the salesmen at this store are happy to assist you in finding the right kind, often done through a quick and free gait analysis (a.k.a. a jaunt around the store).  While the price may seem high for some casual kicks, think of the money you'll save on Advil and doctor's visits.  Besides, when you're a runner or walker, the only truly necessary gear is a good pair of shoes.  (The store does offer tons of merchandise, but you don't need that Gu pack least not right away.)

What's more, beyond the gear is the community that you'll find there.  Training teams, running groups, race organizing committees, it's all there.  Pick up a flyer for an upcoming charity race, and register to motivate you to live up your exercise goals.  Join the Michiana Runners Association, which is sponsored by Metro Run & Walk,  for only $10 to receive a discount on shoes and races.  Get some shoes, get outside while there's still no snow on the ground, and get going.

Where: 3522 N. Grape Road in Mishawaka
When: M-F, 10:00am-7:00pm; Sat, 10:00am-6:00pm; Sun, 12:00-5:00pm
Check out here for our running list of places to exercise.

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