Monday, January 10, 2011

#101: The 100 Center in Mishawaka

In honor of our 100th post (well, actually our 101st due to the unforeseen blizzard), we want to give some much deserved attention to three local businesses located at the 100 Center in Mishawaka.  (100th post on 100 Center....We weren't featured on the front page of the South Bend Tribune today because of our wildly creative puns....)

Giannetto's Pizza
This underground pizzeria is a definite hidden treasure of Michiana.  You usually can't find deep dish pizza like this outside of Chicago, so I was overjoyed to find this place a few months ago.  And yes, literally have to go down a flight and a half of stairs to enter this cavernous restaurant.  Despite a lengthy conversation I had with the friendly owner this summer, I cannot seem to remember what this place used to be - but it has the look and feel of a wine cellar...or a beautifully refurbished subway line.  To say the least, it's a very cool location with wonderful food.  Only downside: good deep dish takes a while - prepare for a serious wait. 

Location: 100 N. Center Street, Mishawaka
Hours: Opens at 5 pm Tue - Sat, Closed Sun & Mon
Contact: (574) 254-9177
Tip: Err on the side of over-indulgence.  If the menu recommends "this pizza will serve 3 to 5 people," assume it will only serve 3.

This bar is one of the hubs of Michiana's gay community, aaaand one heck of a place to go dancing.  They have drag shows every Friday and Saturday nights, which actually resulted in one of my favorite memories of 2010.  All I can say is: this place is so much fun!  The drinks are the right price, the company is fun and friendly, and the huge pink glittery wigs are to-die-for.
Location: 100 N. Center Street, Mishawaka
Hours: Wed-Thu 8 pm - 3 am; Fri - Sat 10 pm - 3 am; also open Sun 
Contact: (574) 259-2282 
Tip: CLEARLY don't miss the drag show on Friday or Saturday.

Riverside Tavern
I would say that this is the least well-known of the three 100 Center establishments featured today, and honestly, I don't know why.  I've only been to this bar a couple of times, but I think it's a very unique and interesting bar.  It has a great set up - complete with a few pool tables, an elevated seating section, neat wooden booths, a wrap-around bar right by the entrance, and fair priced drinks.  I think it has real potential.  True, there seems to be a small group of regulars who frequent the place... and not too many others.  But I think if a few groups of friends decided to put this on their weekend repertoire, the Riverside Tavern could turn into a very fun place to spend a Friday night.
Location: 100 N. Center Street 
Hours: Mon - Sat 11 am - 3 am, Sun 12 pm - 12 am  (which makes me think they serve food as well.  anyone familiar with the fare at Riverside??  more investigation necessary)
Contact: (574) 259-1185
Tip: Karaoke on Tuesday nights


  1. 100 Center (the whole building) used to be Kamm and Schellinger Brewery.

  2. I'm pretty sure that Gianetto's probably used to be the Rathskellar. (There also used to be one at Scottsdale Mall.) I haven't been to Gianetto's, but I definitely want to try it now!

  3. You are both correct, it was first a Brewery and then Rathskeller. Rathskeller moved out and went to the plaza on Edison near McKinley, and I am not sure if they are still open. I didn't seem to like their pizza at the new location.