Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#109: LangLab

It's been called everything from a concert venue to a cultural club to an idea incubator.  LangLab is your friendly neighborhood abandoned-factory hub-o-culture.   Yes, this "space" is a former factory, and yes, they have periodic events featuring music, dance, art, environmental living, and oh so much more.  So no, it's not easily understood in our rigid square terms, man.  I'll let these pictures do the talking.... 
 The view from the parking lot.

 Shoots of the "artist-in-residence" apartment on the second level

 Use of this room: TBD

the LangLab "stage" from the Caught dance performance featured previously on our blog

Location: 1302 High Street, South Bend
Hours: Varying...very varying...depends completely upon their events schedule.
Tip: Like them on Facebook - otherwise there's not a very good way to stay in the know with their events - unless you infiltrate the LangLab "inner circle".....and if you do, report back and leak us stories about their "going-on's"!

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