Monday, April 4, 2011

#162: Girasol

I can honestly say that I've never had any form of El Salvadoran food until I stopped in to this small but wonderful restaurant on Eddy Street. I've heard the place described as "unassuming" and that is certainly accurate. The eatery is housed in a small building with an even smaller sign out front. Inside, you order at the counter, and, with the limited seating space available, be prepared to take your meal to go.

Yet what a meal it is. Pupusas, a traditional food from El Salvador that have literally been around for centuries, are the main attraction. You can get your pupusa filled with either pork and cheese, bean and cheese, or just plain queso. They also offer tamales, but if you're visiting for the first time I would stick to the pupusas. They're served with a traditional cabbage relish and tomato-based sauce and are meant to be eaten by hand. The owner, and as it appears, sole chef is friendly and you can watch her make your pupusas by hand as soon as you order them.

While you wait for your food, admire the hand-painted artwork on the walls and sip on horchata. We've previously highlighted the drink, but the creamy and sweet rice-based beverage is just as fantastic here. Get one, I promise you won't regret it. Girasol (which means sunflower, by the way) offers several attractive specials and meal combos. College students, you're in luck, three pupusas and horchata are only $6. There are many great places to eat in South Bend, but Girasol truly gives the community a unique (and cultural!) dining option.

Location: 525 North Eddy Street.
Hours: 11-7, Tues-Fri   11:30-6, Sat   12-5, Sun
Tip: Cash only!

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