Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#172: Chico's

We had been given a recommendation to go here several months ago, but I hadn't managed to make it over to this well-known Mexican restaurant until this past weekend.  All I have to say is: Why did I wait so long? I had one of the most thoroughly enjoyable brunches I've had in recent memory, and I'm already planning to return.

You can't miss the mural
To give you a bit of background: I spent this past summer in Austin, Texas. Home of the ubiquitous "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirts, copious amounts of live music, and, so they (and the New York Times) claim, the best breakfast tacos.  Well, Austin, I might love you, but South Bend's got you beat. In all honesty, I had the best breakfast tacos (potato and egg, chorizo and egg) that I've ever had which only assures me of the quality of the rest of the menu (including a wide variety of both breakfast and lunch fare). Beyond the fantastic food is fantastic service. Our waiter welcomed us immediately when we entered and continued to extend her warm and friendly welcome throughout our meal. The prices are cheap ($2 per taco so try them all), and the space is bright and colorful.

Perhaps the tagline on the receipt really says all there is left to say: Chico's is the best.

Location: 2418 Western Ave
Contact: 574-237-9198
Hours: Unfortunately unknown

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  1. Oh, how I love Chico's. I can't wait to go back!