Monday, April 11, 2011

#167: The Riverside Trail

I leave for a week, and what happens in South Bend but spring!  Today's delightful weather may not be quite warm enough for a picnic, but it's perfect for a nice jog or bike ride.  Spring also heralds the beginning of racing season here, so whether you're participating in this weekend's Run Panther Run 5k or training for the Sunburst marathon, this path will get you moving.

I set out on this path this afternoon, and I'll let my cell phone camera (so please excuse the poor quality) say the thousand words I would otherwise say about my favorite place for a long run....
The southern end of the trail starts at Angela, near the old railway tracks.
While the path hugs Riverside, it is far enough from the road to make you feel like you're following the river.
Convenient 1/2 mile markers help you track your progress
For the adventurous, a short dirt trail veers off at the hill near Keller Park
In 2009, this trail was extended by the city, and now extends 3.2 miles with beautiful fencing, benches, and even the occasional water fountain (crucial.)
Where: The trail follows Riverside from Angela Ave. (near St. Joseph High/Notre Dame) to Darden Road (near the big footbridge), past the water treatment plant and Cleveland, and even continues on Darden for about a mile.

Check out a more detailed description here

Check out the press release by the mayor's office about the recent extension here.

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