Monday, April 11, 2011

#166: Bruno's Pizza

South Bend, it's good to be back. I mentioned yesterday that I was out-of-state for the weekend, and I was surprised and thrilled to be welcomed back with nearly 80-degree weather. Several months ago, we mentioned that there were a lot of great family-owned pizzeria's in the South Bend-area, and today we're going to highlight one of those and one of the the most well-known pizza restaurants (and families) in the Michiana area. You knew I was talking about Bruno's, right?

Bruno's has been serving a traditional Italian pizza since they opened in 1975 in Mishawaka, and when I say traditional, I mean it. Bruno and Rosa came from Calabria, Italy to Northern Indiana and brought their pizza recipe with them. For more info about their history (and picture documentation), visit their website for a timeline here. The business has since expanded, and today Bruno's has 11 locations in South Bend, Mishawaka, and the surrounding area. A new location in Downtown South Bend just recently opened up. From college students to South Bend natives, everyone agrees that Bruno's serves a great slice of pizza. Pick a location, and let us know how it is!

For location information, a menu, and hours, visit their website here.


  1. I've only been to the one on Prairie Ave., and it really is a great place. Warm, inviting, and the pizza is outstanding!

  2. I have had the Prairie one as well and my experience wasn't so great. I've checked out a new place called Swolfies on Mayflower and that place is awesome! Pizza has an amazing taste!

  3. Haven't been there. It might be a good idea to treat my brother who got his Food Safety Training last week.