Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#177: Sunny's Korean Garden Patio

We have received several recommendations to check out Sunny's for its excellent Korean food, friendly service, and wide array of vegetarian options.  Did Sunny's live up to its reputation?  Yes, ultimately, but don't be scared away by your first impression of this little place on the other side of the tracks.

Sunny's is in the heart of a Mishawaka working class neighborhood, right near local bars like That Place.  The cracked sign for the restaurant is actually across the street from its location (but does mark the gravel parking lot).  No server appeared when we entered, so we sat ourselves at one of the tables and bided our time until the waitress had a spare moment to stop by.  The menu will keep you busy -- most dishes are not available elsewhere in the area -- and the surrounding decorations also provide topics for conversation, which will likely revolve around comparing signs and objects to those you've seen in your aunt's home.

While at first glance, the menu does not seem to offer many vegetarian options, but our server was more than happy to substitute tofu for any meat in the dishes.  Indeed, the owners are very sensitive to food preparation, as signs proclaiming "NO MSG" evidence.

I was very satisfied with my tofu-ized Bool Go Kee, and its affordable prices (a carafe of house wine for less than $10, yes please!) make it accessible to all budgets.  Although we came late, we did not feel rushed out the restaurant.  It was a great experience, and I now have joined the ranks of those who readily recommend the venture over to this spot.

Where: 512 South Spring Street, Mishawaka
When: Closed Mondays.  Usually open until 10 pm, but call ahead to confirm.
Phone: (574) 255-5274
Tip: Go on a nice evening, and you can dine al fresco on the patio.


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  2. I love how unusual and friendly Sunny's is--I'm glad you liked it! I highly recommend the spicy eggplant and the bi bim guksu. And you're right--if at all possible, eat on the patio! It's also not far from the Midway Tavern, which is definitely worth visiting. I hear they have Motown nights!

  3. This place is freaking delicious

  4. SUNNY'S=Yes, Please