Saturday, April 9, 2011

#165: All Things Handmade and Vintage Bazaar

So I owe you all an apology. We've been a little off our blogging game in the past week due to the out-of-state travel of several 365 bloggers. But that's no excuse. A big thank you to our guest blogger yesterday, and just so you know, we welcome any and all guest blog submissions if there's a particular spot in South Bend you would like to write about. Just send it over to!

I'm actually out-of-state as we speak (remote-blogging, if you will), but I'll be back in town by tomorrow afternoon, and, it's a good thing too, since I'll make it back for the All Things Handmade and Vintage Bazaar at the South Bend Elks Lodge 235. We have well-documented love of re-purposed antiques and vintage items, and this bazaar sounds like a mecca for both. There will be 40 different vendors with items ranging from home-made crafts such as quilts to the aforementioned refurbished antiques. We've also previously featured how much we love just browsing a good yardsale and this promises to take that concept and multiply it several times over.

Stop by the Elks Lodge on a hunt for a specific antique item or just to relax and browse. For more information on the background of the event, click over here to the South Bend Trib article on the Bazaar.

Location: South Bend Elks Lodge 235, 3535 McKinley
Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm

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