Thursday, April 21, 2011

#174: Join Jeff Blair for a Walk Across Indiana

Lincolnway East/West is a main artery for South Bend and Mishawaka, and many of the sites we have featured are located on this thoroughfare.  However, I never reflected on its role in the town (and outside of it) or thought about its history until I read about Jeff Blair, a man inspired to walk its 170 mile length through Indiana.
The Indiana section of the Lincoln Highway in 1924

Lincolnway, or Lincoln Highway, is part of the United States' first transcontinental highway, dating back to 1913.  It stretched from NYC's Times Square to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.  Blair, a Goshen native, became engrossed in its history and decided to pay tribute to his late father's and Indiana's memory by traversing the Indiana section in two weeks.  Furthermore, his goal is admirably other-centered -- he is raising money (as well as awareness) for the Alzhiemer's Association and the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association.

Blair is keeping a great blog that explains his mission and tracks his progress.  If you're in the South Bend area, he will be passing through today and tomorrow.  South Bend's Mayor Luecke is walking with him through the downtown section this afternoon, and all are welcome to come out to show your support.

If you would like to walk with him, learn more here.  You can also check out his progress here, or donate to his cause here.

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