Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#163: One Book, One Michiana

Sometimes people ask us what is the #1 thing to do in South Bend. We can't really give them a good answer; each of us here at 365 South Bend has our own answer and sometimes it changes daily. There are really too many things to choose from and it wouldn't be fair to say that just one thing is the best. Yet, sometimes, when I want an easy answer, I just say, "Well, the first thing we featured on our list is the St. Joe County Public Library..." And that's true, the very first blog post we ever wrote highlighted just how great our county library is.

Every time I visit it continues to impress me, and their latest month-long, community-wide program is just one example of how active and integral the library has become to the life of the community. One Book, One Michiana is exactly what it sounds like. The SJCPL has picked one book for the entire community to read and throughout the month of April is hosting an incredibly large quantity of events to highlight their pick and extend community discussion.

This year's pick is Rocket Boys by Homer Hickham. Some of you may be familiar with the story not as a book but as a movie. The 1999 movie October Sky (featuring Jake Gyllenhaal) was an adaption of this book. The book and the movie feature one boy's story of growing up in a West Virginia mining town in the 1950's at the beginning of the possibilities of space travel. The book is an inspiring read for kids and adults alike, and there's no reason not to pick up a copy and join in turning pages with your family, your neighbors, and yes, even the Notre Dame football team.

Visit the website for an impressive array of resources and the full (overwhelming) schedule of events. I've picked out a couple of my favorites and listed them below. One Book, One Michiana continues through May 7, so get going now!

The Sky's the Limit: Star-Gazing and Theater Program
April 6, 8:00pm, Jordan Hall of Science, Notre Dame

Art and Written Word Contest
Ongoing, info and contest entry here

Film and Q&A: Sputnik Mania
April 16th, 2:00pm, IUSB Wiekamp Hall

The Night Sky and Amateur Photography
April 26, 6:00pm, Centre Township Branch

One Book, One Michiana Final Celebration and screening of October Sky
May 7, SJCPL

....and many, many more!

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